Recent Before & After Photos

Nicotine Stains? No Problem!

Smoking doesn't only cause damage to our bodies - but can also dirty up your home (if you smoke inside) in places you never would've imagined! During the cleani... READ MORE

SERVPRO Responds to Local Fire Damage

This family’s Sanford home suffered from a fire damage. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of Southern York... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Sanford

This Sanford apartment complex suffered from a fire caused by a faulty appliance. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERV... READ MORE


Why would you choose SERVPRO? If you look through our catalog of photos you'll see some special situations, some average water damages, and some intense fire da... READ MORE

Fire damaged areas

This photo shows the difference from day 1 to completion of the job on our end. SERVPRO of Southern York County does not do reconstruction in house, we do have ... READ MORE

Frozen pipes

During the cold winter months SERVPRO of Southern York County is hammered with water damages. Now contrarty to what most poepple think winter is the busiest tim... READ MORE


SERVPRO of Southern York County does our best to ensure each job is completed to the bets of our abilities. Some jobs like this one here require some special si... READ MORE

Freezing temps

When the weather is below normal and get into the negative number depending on how long we are that cold for can cause disaster on homes. During these cold spel... READ MORE

Large living facility

SERVPRO of Southern York County works primarily with residential homes. Due to the fact that commercial businesses tend to have people on staff that can handle ... READ MORE

Commercial space

Water damages happen at all types of buildings, commercial and residential. During SERVPRO of Southern York County's tenure in the area, we take the same amount... READ MORE