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Stay Healthy This Season!

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

For most of us, the winter season is a busy time of year! Between prepping for the Holidays, family dinners, parties, etc. it can be difficult to focus on our health and taking care of ourselves. With shorter days and colder weather, staying motivated to stay healthy can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips to keep you healthy this winter.

Workout at home – Utilizing online resources to find workout videos are a super easy way to still get your daily exercise in without having to deal with the awful winter weather. Whether you prefer relaxing yoga or fast-paced cardio, the possibilities are endless! This is a nice easy way to keep your health goals in check even when you can’t get outside to exercise.

Wash your hands, FREQUENTLY! – Hand washing is crucial in order to maintain your health during the winter season. Although you should wash your hands all the time no matter the season, it is especially important to protect your immune system and protect others around you from spreading germs.

Take your vitamins! – Taking Vitamin D is a good way to help supplement the lack of sunlight we experience during the winter, and also helps absorb Vitamin A (important for your vision and immune system), iron and calcium! Consuming lots of Vitamin C during the winter helps your body to battle cold and flu symptoms as well.

Extreme Heat

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

We often look forward to the warm days of summer (especially after dealing with the freezing cold winters here in New England) but sometimes lose sight of what affects the extreme heat has on our cars, our pets, and especially us!

Extreme heat is generally defined by temperatures 90 degrees or above, accompanied by high humidity levels. During the extremely hot days we are susceptible to heat rash, dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep everyone safe and cool this summer:

Drink plenty of water – this is one of the most important ways to avoid any heat-related illness. Even if you’re not thirsty, keep drinking! Avoid sugary drinks like tea, coffee and soda – these types of drinks often make dehydration worse. Consuming cold drinks and smaller, colder meals (such as salads and fruit) can also help to keep you cool.

Stay safe in the sun – protect your skin with sunscreen and any other forms of protection while outdoors.

Keep an eye on pets and children – remind your children to drink water, and always remember NOT to leave babies or pets in the car during these hot days even with the AC on. Make sure animals have plenty of water and shade if they are going to be outside.

Bicycle Safety

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Everyone loved riding their bike as a kid, right? Many of us are spending time riding our own, or teaching our children how to ride their bikes this summer. Although this can be a fun activity for everyone, it is important to especially teach our children right safety precautions. Here are some tips for a safe ride!

Wear a helmet every time – make sure it fits properly; it is the best and most effective way to prevent head injuries if an accident happens

Teach children rules of the road – so that they can be safe if/when riding on the street and also learn to be aware of their surroundings. Use a horn or bell to alert other riders and pedestrians, learn the correct hand signals to make drivers aware of what they’re doing, and always obey traffic signals and stop signs!

Be seen – make sure your child can be easily seen by dressing them in bright-colored or reflective clothing, and don’t allow them to ride in the dark. Always wear closed-toe shoes, no flip-flops or bare feet, and avoid loose clothing whenever possible.

Have fun and be safe this summer!