Water Damage Photo Gallery

Exposed area underneath kitchen sink due to water damage.

Water Damage Goes Unnoticed

This customer experienced a water damage due to a broken pipe under the sink. Unfortunately, the water was running and causing further damage for hours before it was noticed. The spreading of water affected multiple rooms and materials including carpet, drywall, and insulation in walls and ceiling.

SERVPRO responded quickly, and our restoration technicians were on site within the hour to extract the water and begin the drying process. As you can see, SERVPRO had to perform some demolition to effectively dry out the area.

SERVPRO of Southern York County can always be trusted to make you feel at ease during these hectic times. We make it "Like it never even happened."

Fan placed in the closet for drying purposes.

Getting creative with our equipment placement!

This customer experienced a water damage that started in the 2nd floor bathroom and came down through the walls and ceiling. To dry this space, our crew got creative and stood the fan up inside the closet, facing the ceiling above to dry the area. SERVPRO of Southern York County will stop at nothing to make sure we do our best to make it "Like it never even happened."


Water damages are often dried in place and do not require any demolition. Other time removing trapped and wet materials is necessary to ensure the areas will become dry. As you can see SERVPRO needed to remove a large area to ensure the dry out was successful. 

Air quality on water damages

Sometimes water damages are not found for a few days. In this case, the water had sat for a few days and began to grow a very lite amount of surface mold. SERVPRO installed a air scrubber under negative pressure to not only aid in the air quality but not blow around any particulates during demo. 

High school water damage.

During repairs to a local school, some intense rains led to some flooding in one of their wings. SERVPRO was on site withing an hour, installed equipment, and demo was very limited. 

Emergency Service

Here at SERVPRO of Southern York County we provide 24 hour service to all emergency damages. Here we are responding to a emergency water damage at a local hospital in Sanford!